At Ahhh…Massage, whether you are here for stress relief, pain management or just to relax — from the moment you enter your massage suite you will know that we are always here for your benefit. This is why our experienced massage therapists offer you a variety of full body massages and if you wish, they will help you choose which massage is best for you!

Swedish – This is our most popular full body massage therapy. Your therapist uses a variety of soothing strokes in the direction of your heart. Warmed lotion or “essential oils” are used to allow the massage therapist’s hands to glide over your body, applying gentle, circular, firm or deep pressure as necessary. This increases oxygen flow and decreases tension, as well as eliminating muscle toxins while improving circulation allowing for relaxation and stress relief.

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy – This combines Swedish Massage techniques with slower, deeper, more intense pressure directed at specific muscle groups. You may be asked to participate with various breathing techniques, as the therapist assesses and eases into areas of embedded stress and spasm in your muscles. This relieves tension, smooths scar tissue and reduces inflammation. Trigger Points are described as “knots” usually caused by injury or overuse. They are tender areas of the muscle that unknowingly can cause chronic pain in other parts of your body T.P.T. can be slightly uncomfortable, but after provides for significant elimination of pain andreenergizing of the muscle tissue. The therapist will use various levels of sometimes intense and deep finger and hand pressures that can create a sharp or dull radiating ache, designed to increase the natural pain killers (endorphins) and simulate the source of the problem, as well as eliminate toxins. Most of our clients report lasting and immediate relief of long-termarthritic-type pain.

Personalized Massage – Tell us how you would like your massage and we willpersonalize it for you. Are there certain areas of your body you would like the therapist to focus on? Do you like stretching, deep tissue or perhaps a more gentle massage? Let us know the techniques and pressure that suite you bestand we will make sure that your personalized experience is just the way you like it.

Reflexology – Reflexology is based upon the belief that all organs and tissues in our body have a nerve connecting to points in the feet or hands. Stimulating these points provides relief from everything, including headaches and gastritis to plantar fascitis, TMJ disorders and back pain. Reflexologists apply lotion andessential oils with gentle and deep pressures on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet to send signals to the brain that balance the nervous system.

Sports Massage – If you are an active, recreational or professional athlete, this is the Ahhh…Massage for you! Whether for preparticipation to promote muscle flexibility or post-activity for relaxation or alleviating inflammation, a Sports Massage session can be just what your body ordered! Sports Massage also benefits the injured athlete by improving initial pain reduction without painkillingmedication and to promote and accentuate range of motion and flexibility duringrehabilitation and training.

Cranio-sacral – Your nervous system, including your brain and spinal cord orchestrate all of the life that flows through your body. Cranio-sacral therapy is a focused, gentle and relaxing massage that helps the fluid around the brain, spine and nerve openings to your body function free of restriction. It helps to balance the sympathetic (excitatory) and parasympathetic (relaxatory) elements of your nervous system.

Pre-/Postnatal Massage – In these sessions the massage therapist will focus on your special needs, both before and after pregnancy. Childbearing can add additional aches and stress on a woman and this massage is designed to therapeutically address the changes that occur; thereby establishing revitalizationenergizing your body…Ahhh…

Ahhh…Massage is for the corporate woman and man, moms and dads and the athlete in you…to help you relax, restore, reenergize and decrease stress. The choice is yours — and we know that you will be glad that you chose the professional massage therapist at Ahhh…Massage!